About Us

O u r  S t o r y

Founder Syesha Thomas, is a lifelong sneakerhead with a background in law, basketball, tech, and entrepreneurship, brings a unique perspective to the sneaker industry.  Syesha also enjoys traveling, taking photos, and being in new spaces

As a former basketball player, Syesha founded Lonely Sinn in response to her own need for self-expression and grounding during a time of chaos. She was inspired by the power of a worry stone, which she carried to ease her anxiety and help her stay true to herself in a world where she felt pressured to be someone else. Lonely Sinn pendants are designed to have the same grounding effect, reminding the wearer to be true to themselves and honor their individuality.

Her love of sneakers began as a basketball player at Oregon State University where she started for the Beavers for three years. In addition to self-expression, OSU instilled a sense of community and family, which she incorporates into the Lonely Sinn mission. 

During the pandemic, Syesha was bared in Washington State as an Attorney. She began her legal career doing Pro Bono work with North West Immigration Rights Project. Today Syesha practices Trademark, Copyright, and Licensing Law in an effort to protect intellectual property rights for people of color and the LGBTQIA+ communities. 

Building Lonely Sinn has been an exciting adventure that combines her understanding of business and law, with her passion for self expression, and mindfulness. Syesha hand-selects a diverse and talented group of artisans to create each signature piece. We hope you enjoy wearing the pendants as much as we have enjoyed creating them!